How to fix EHOSTUNREACH, EAI_NODATA & ECONNABORTED errors in Filezilla FTP Client?

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http://digitizor.com – Filezilla is one of the best FTP clients for both Windows and Linux platforms. If you are a user of the Filezilla FTP Client, then you must have got errors which alert you about the host being unreachable, or no data about target host and error codes such as EHOSTUNREACH, EAI_NODATA & ECONNABORTED. This mainly happens when you get disconnected from your internet amidst an active FTP session and once you get connected again – the Filezilla FTP Client will show these errors. In this article we will tell you how to fix the errors. While in Filezilla, Open the “Clear Private Data” dialog by going to: Edit > Clear Private Data… Now select the Clear quickconnect History & Clear reconnect information options from the Clear Private Data dialog box, and click on ok. You might see an alert message asking you to disconnect your current active FTP session. You must click on OK for the changes to take effect. var wordpress_toolbar_urls = ["http:\/\/filezilla-project.org\/"];var wordpress_toolbar_url = "";var wordpress_toolbar_oinw = "oinw";var wordpress_toolbar_hash = "aHR0cDovL2RpZ2l0aXpvci5jb20vMjAxMC8wMi8xOC9ob3ctdG8tZml4LWVob3N0dW5yZWFjaC1lYWlfbm9kYXRhLWVjb25uYWJvcnRlZC1lcnJvcnMtaW4tZmlsZXppbGxhLWZ0cC1jbGllbnQvPHdwdGI%2BSG93IHRvIGZpeCBFSE9TVFVOUkVBQ0gsIEVBSV9OT0RBVEEgJiMwMzg7IEVDT05OQUJPUlRFRCBlcnJvcnMgaW4gRmlsZXppbGxhIEZUUCBDbGllbnQ%2FPHdwdGI%2BaHR0cDovL2RpZ2l0aXpvci5jb208d3B0Yj5EaWdpdGl6b3I%3D";Related Posts : Follow Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter Amarok 2.2 "Crystal Clear" is readying for release with Beta 1 Temporary fix for the "Waiting for Network" problem in Pidgin (Linux)? How-To enable Automatic Login in Fedora 10 3 Reasons - Why you should upgrade to Skype 4 Whats This? (HowTos)