How to find out the amount of sectors available in a RAID physical disk for replacement?

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http://serverfault.com – So, to start with, let me confess I have no knowledge of RAID besides what I read in a few APC mags 5 years back and what the acronym stands for. Everything I know now comes from assumptions and the past day's research. We have a LSI MegaRaid array in our companies DCSERVER. It predates me at the company and I had no hand in it's setup. It consists of 2 drive groups - 2 280 Gb SAS drives make up a 280 Gb virtual drive, and another set of 4 1Tb drives makes up what was (I believe) an almost 4 Tb virtual drive. Based on this (and no other information, because I couldn't find where to look for it (HowTos)