How to extract the number using perl in linux from the output displayed

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http://stackoverflow.com – # This Perl script open connection and call domains # $jar stands for path of jmxterm jar file open JMX, "| java -jar jmxterm-1.0-alpha-4-uber.jar -n"; // jmx jar file #print JMX "help \n"; my $host = ""; // hostname my $port = 7199; //jmx port number print JMX "open $host:$port\n"; #print JMX "domains\n"; print JMX "domain org.apache.cassandra.request\n"; print JMX "bean type=ReadRepairStage\n"; print JMX "get CompletedTasks\n"; print JMX "close\n"; close JMX; currently iam getting the output as CompletedTasks = 1234 and i need 1234 as my output. I need my output to be display (HowTos)