how to execute for loop with sed in terminal

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http://askubuntu.com – I want to execute the for loop with sed command, and is getting an error for the same for i in <comma-separated server name list>;do "command";echo $i;done where command=sed '/^$/d' /home/nextag/instance.properties|grep -vc '#' I'm getting the following error :- -bash: sed "/^$/d" /home/nextag/instance.properties|grep -vc#: No such file or directory lu1 What is the correct way to execute this command to get the perfect output I tried this as well>> for i in lu1;do 'sed \'/^$/d\' /home/nextag/instance.properties|grep -vc \'#\'';echo $i;done Also, can some explain the part '/^$/d'in (HowTos)