How to enable HD video playback on GMA 500 netbooks with Ubuntu Linux

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http://feedproxy.google.com – Though most Atom netbooks out there are equipped only with the embedded Intel GMA950 graphics chipset, that doesn’t mean it is not able to handle HD video. The Intel GMA950 is actually capable of hardware acceleration for HD video, but it requires some tweaking of the linux driver environment At “Linux-Tipps“, there is a guide to enable VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) for netbooks with the Intel GMA950 graphics chipsets. Once VAAPI is enabled, Full HD videos can be watched and CPU utilization will only be 30%. Source : Liliputing.com Related Posts: Foxconn Linux netbook hits the FCC Nvidia 195.22 Beta Linux Display Driver Available In Nvidia Vdpau Team PPA [Ubuntu] SGLNX takes Moblin 2.1 for a spin! Part One Noob Introduction to Kernel Mode Settings and Rootless X-Server Linux Is Regaining Netbook Market Share Quickly (General)