How do mixed wireless clients (b/g/n) effect total throughput of an access point?

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http://serverfault.com – Say you are planning a network based around access points that support the full range of 802.11 protocols on 2.4Ghz(b/g/n). How will a mixed set of clients effect the total throughput possible through the access point? For example, say we have the following scenario: 1 Access Point 1 b client with an 11 Mbps connection transmitting 5 Mbps 1 n client with a 135 Mbps connection can transmit ? Mbps Can the second client transmit 65 Mbps (ie the first client uses 'half the spectrum')? Or can he use only ~5 Mbps (ie the lowest common denominator sets the rate)? Or is reality something else com (HowTos)