How do I send a shutdown event to a QEMU guest (OpenBSD)?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I'm using virtualisation solely to install OpenBSD onto the bare hardware, and during the installation, the redirection to the serial port didn't get configured, so, I ended up with the system running, but no way to login and do a clean shutdown. kvm -m 6144 -smp 4 -drive file=/dev/sda,if=ide \ -drive file=/dev/sdb,if=scsi -drive file=/dev/sdc,if=scsi \ -cdrom install52.iso -boot d -nographic How can I send a shutdown event to this session? AFAIK, Ctrl-a x or a pkill kvm would not do a clean shutdown yet. Alternatively, how can I switch from the -nographic mode into the -curses mo (HowTos)