How do I rearange a file tree and then export it over NFS?

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http://serverfault.com – I've got a backup server that stores incremental backups in a tree like this: /backups hourly.0 server 1 server 2 hourly.1 server 1 server 2 hourly.2 server 1 server 2 daily.0 server 1 server 2 etc... Without changing the source tree with the actual backups, I'd like to create a re-organized tree that looks like this: /share server1/1 Hour Ago -> /backups/hourly.0/server1 server1/2 Hours Ago -> /backups/hourly.1/server1 server2/1 Hour Ago -> /backups/hourly.0/server2 server2/2 Hours Ago -> /backup (HowTos)