How do I pass credential file to mount.cifs?

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http://serverfault.com – I'm maintaining a heterogeneous network of mac and linux so I decided to create a little perl script to unify mounting strategies across machines. The current implementation in linux is in /etc/fstab works fine: //myserverhere.com/cifs_share /mnt/cifs_share cifs user,uid=65001,rw,workgroup=DEV,credentials=/root/.cifs 0 0 and /root/.cifs contains username=ouruser password=ourpassword I tried translating that to a non-fstab format as follows: mount.cifs //myserverhere.com/cifs_share /mnt/cifs_share user,uid=65001,rw,workgroup=DEV,credentials=/root/.cifs But it doesn't seem to work (HowTos)