how do i force upperdir overlayfs to reread/reload lowerdir

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http://linuxexchange.org – i am having the following problem with an overlayfs: I can mount an overlayfs fine using the following line in my etc/fstab none /home/student overlayfs lowerdir=/home/student,upperdir=/home/.student_rw 0 0 this works great and the mount command displays the overlayfs corretly: pc:~$ mount -l -t overlayfs none on /home/student type overlayfs (rw,lowerdir=/home/student,upperdir=/home/.student_rw) so now when a student logs out of the machine i delete the contents of /home/.student_rw using a script - which also works fine. the problem is that the student logging in, should find a clean home (HowTos)