How do I disable unwanted iPXE boot attempt in Libvirt/qemu-kvm?

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http://askubuntu.com – Somehow after upgrading to 12.04, my virtual machines always boot with an attempt to boot from the network first. See this: while I don't have any PXE configuration set: I've tried: to disable SPICE, by changing the emulator to /usr/bin/kvm from /usr/bin/kvm-spice by editing the XML. Ctrl+B to configure the iPXE, but it doesn't let disable this as a boot option. setting another type of NIC - not an option, I need virtio for performance reasons. However, e1000e doesn't work either. removing the NIC: works. However, I need network. Googling around. Hard. Lots of result is about failing c (HowTos)