How do I determine the ip assigned to Fed 17 machine that uses dhcp?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I'm going to run rsync in daemon mode on machine 1 to backup data from machine 1 to machine 2. Machine 1 has a static ip address (Fedora 13 for now, until the back up of 2 is complete). Machine 2 uses dhcp (Fedora 17). The only ip address in /etc/hosts on machine 2 is the loopback address. Running ifconfig shows a range of ip's instead of a single ip. I think I have to know the specific ip used on 2 and place that ip in /etc/hosts to associate a hostname with it for the rsync command I'll use on 1, and /etc/hosts on 1. How do I determine the exact ip on the backup machine (2) that uses dhcp (HowTos)