How do I access framebuffer?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi all, I am pretty new to using Linux and Fedora and I am slowly getting there. I am moving some devlopment from the windows eneviroment to Linux for licensing reasons and I am testing out some code that will run in Fedora. I am trying to access the framebuffer but whenever I try to access it using commands such as cat /dev/fb0 I get an error point out tthat there is no such device. I therefore run MAKEDEV /dev fb0, a selection of framebuffers appear numbered from 0 to 30+, none of them seem to be accessible. I noticed that from a fresh install there was a file marked /dev/fb and I assumed that this was the frambuffer but trying to find out whether or not this is true has been difficult. I would say all web sites I have found always reference the framebuffer as dev/fb0. Just to note that after booting the fb0-30+ devices disappear leaving only /dev/fb. Could anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks. (HowTos)