How to create reverse-lookup file for BIND that points to some networks?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I am try to create a reverse-lookup file in BIND, but I need it to point to many networks not just one. I have three networks that connected to the same bind server, 192.168.3 and 192.168.4 and 192.168.1. I would like that in one reverse-lookup file I could refer to all of the clients at the three networks. Currently I have no idea on how to write that zone file, what I have is: 168.192.in-addr.arpa. SOA dns1.mynetwork.unix admin.mynetwork.unix IN PTR dns1.mynetwork.unix 11.3 IN PTR client.mynetwork.unix When I start the bind server, it gives me an error message on the log f (HowTos)