How To Create A Restore Point In Windows Vista

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – Before making any change to your computer settings or installing new programs, it is recommended that you backup your computer or create a restore point. This may help you when things go wrong after making those changes by restoring your computer back to when it was functioning OK.   By default, Windows Vista creates restore point regularly on your computer. But when you need to restore your computer to the nearest point in time, creating a quick restore point is the best choice.   To begin, click Start and type ‘System’ into the search box and press enter. Then select System from the list above.     Next, click System protection from the left menu and continue.     System protection is turned on the Local Disk by default in Windows Vista. If you don’t see a check mark in the box next to the Local Disk, put on in it. To create a restore point, click the Create button.     Enter a description for the restore point. This helps you remember what to restore. Click Create to continue.       Restore point was successfully created. Click OK to continue.     You can now go and make any change as you like. If your computer start behaving erratically, restore it to the point you created. Join the forum discussion on this post (HowTos)