How to convert mirrored LMV's LV to fully striped?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello! I have mirrored LVM's LV, that was creating using command: lvcreate -n lv_my -L 700G -i3 -I128 vg_my lvconvert -m1 vg_my/lv_my -b But when I take a look at my LV, I got: lvs vg_my -a -o name,devices,segtype LV Devices Type lv_my lv_my_mimage_0(0),lv_my_mimage_1(0) mirror [lv_my_mimage_0] /dev/sdc(0),/dev/sdd(0) striped [lv_my_mimage_1] /dev/sde(0) linear [lv_my_mimage_1] /dev/sdf(1) linear [lv_my_mlog] /dev/sdf(0) (HowTos)