How to Convert Fedora10 to Virtual Machine P2V

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I am dual booting Fedora 10 64bit and Win764bit using Fedora boot manager. Now I like the way the system behaves so I would like to convert the Fedora 10 to a Virtual Machine. The system is not on the network since it's my test system so it's very difficult to download from repos. Now I have tried VmWare converter 4 but to no avail, there are massive issues with GUI and dependencies hell. So I have tried converting the system via a Vmware converter 3 boot disk (cold image) however it BSOD the system as soon as the PE loads. Unfortunately Vmware does not allow the converter 4 to be used in a boot disk format. Finally I decided to maybe run the converter 4 in Windows 7 and choose the "not mounted partitions...aka Fedora" however once I do this I get the following error. [bold]FAILED: Unable to create a VSS snapshot of the source volume(s). Error code: 2147754754 (0x80042302).[/bold] Any hints would be necessary. Also, if anyone knows a total collection of repos and dependencies that are required in order to have Vmware Converter 4 installed and running (including GUI) that would be great! I have no net access and my test system is upstairs so it's hell going back and forth between floors attempting to install another dependency. I know one of the required software pieces is .x11 etc. Sorry for the noob question and problem. (HowTos)