How to configure wireless network in linux (iwconfig)

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I still cannot access to internet. May I know why?? Is it due to the Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) the step i did: 1) iwlist eth1 scanning 2) sudo iwconfig eth1 essid shabana key s:xxxxxx 3) invoke firefox ... cannot surf :( Do I need to set dhclient??? how should I set? DO I need to enable wpa_supplicant? ------------------------------ iwlist eth1 scanning eth1 Scan completed : Cell 01 - Address: 00:23:69:B7:85:0C ESSID:"shabana" Mode:Managed Frequency:2.462 GHz (Channel 11) Quality:4/5 Signal level:-63 dBm Noise level:-90 dBm IE: WPA Version 18960 Group Cipher : Proprietary Pairwise Ciphers (68) : IE: WPA Version 1 Group Cipher : TKIP Pairwise Ciphers (1) : TKIP Authentication Suites (1) : PSK Encryption key:on Bit Rates:1 Mb/s; 2 Mb/s; 5.5 Mb/s; 11 Mb/s; 18 Mb/s 24 Mb/s; 36 Mb/s; 54 Mb/s; 6 Mb/s; 9 Mb/s 12 Mb/s; 48 Mb/s ---------------------------------------------------------- $ sudo iwconfig eth1 essid shabana key s:xxxxxx Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) : SET failed on device eth1 ; Invalid argument. -------------------------------------------------------- $ sudo iwconfig Password: lo no wireless extensions. eth0 no wireless extensions. eth1 IEEE 802.11abgn ESSID:"shabana" Nickname:"localhost.localdomain" Mode:Ad-Hoc Frequency:2.412 GHz Cell: 1A:87:D5:5F:B9:8F Bit Rate=2 Mb/s Tx-Power:32 dBm Retry min limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power Managementmode:All packets received Link Quality=5/5 Signal level=-57 dBm Noise level=-89 dBm Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0 Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:0 Missed beacon:0 sit0 no wireless extensions. sound like I was able to connect to ESSID:shabana. Is it true?? ----------------------------------------------------- ifcfg-eth1 # Broadcom Corporation BCM4328 802.11a/b/g/n DEVICE=eth1 BOOTPROTO=dhcp ONBOOT=no HWADDR=00:22:68:a0:e5:81 NETMASK= DHCP_HOSTNAME= IPADDR= BONDING_OPTS= DOMAIN= MASTER= TYPE=Wireless USERCTL=yes IPV6INIT=no PEERDNS=yes ESSID=shabana CHANNEL= MODE=Any SECURITYMODE= RATE=auto (the linux is Centos 5.4) (HowTos)