How to Completely Remove Mono

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http://feedproxy.google.com – If you don't know what Mono is then here is a short description straight from the Mono FAQ page. What is Mono™ exactly? The Mono Project is an open development initiative sponsored by Novell to develop an open source, UNIX version of the Microsoft .NET development platform. Its objective is to enable UNIX developers to build and deploy cross-platform .NET Applications. The project implements various technologies developed by Microsoft that have now been submitted to the ECMA for standardization. In layman's terms; Mono is a Linux way of creating .Net programs. There's a lot of people who want to remove Mono in Ubuntu. Some people don't like it because of many Windows related "problems" and some others don't really like how slow and bloated it is. One of those people is me. Don't get me wrong; I'm not "against" Mono or even "for" Mono. It's actually because: I don't use any Mono applications so I don't need them. I like having a clean system with less junk in it. You might say that there's not much "junk" at all to remove but Mono and the applications that require it take up 60MB of space in the default Ubuntu installation and even though that's not much at all, why keep it if you don't use it? Removing Mono There are some great programs that require Mono such as Gnome-Do and Banshee, but I don't use Gnome-Do and I'm happily using a music player called Decibel Audio Player, so I can live without them. Removing Mono can be done a couple of different ways but the fastest way is through the Terminal. So if you're ready open up the Terminal and copy/paste this in: Warning! This will remove Mono and every program which depends on it (Tomboy, F-Spot, Gnome-Do, Banshee, etc.) sudo apt-get remove --purge mono-common libmono0 libgdiplus Keeping Mono Out Unfortunately there is no way to "block" Mono from installing back except by installing a package called Monono. I recommend not using Monono as it might cause big problems if you install it and it's generally very frowned upon to use it. I thought there was a way using Apt-Pinning but after some searching and testing it seems not. If you have any clean way of keeping a program from installing then please comment below and I will write how to do it here for everyone, (HowTos)