How to clone--or reinstall--Unbuntu on to an SSD from a partition in a HD in a Dual Boot System when Win7 is on a seperate drive

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http://askubuntu.com – I am very new to Unbuntu and do not know a lot of terminology. I have a dual boot system and a multiple drive system. Windows 7 64bit Home Ed. is installed on a SSD. I just recently installed Unbuntu on a separate HD in my system that I use to back up Windows (I did not want it on this drive; however, I allowed Unbuntu to select the installation destination). Regardless, I recently purchased a 16gb SSD and would like to transfer Unbuntu onto that. The current size of the Unbuntu installation is approximately 133gb with 7.89 of those gigabytes serving as a swap file. I know that I would need t (HowTos)