How Can Terminal Emulators Kill Their Children After Recieving a SIGKILL?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – From what I understand, SIGKILL cannot be caught. This would imply that a process does not have time to kill it's children before the OS destroys it. This can be demonstrated with a shell script. #! /bin/bash trap : SIGTERM SIGINT SIGKILL # SIGKILL is pointless. mplayer video.avi Killing it with SIGKILL leaves mplayer running. $ kill -9 $pid But when using a terminal emulator (xterm, Terminal, ...) it's children get killed along with it. How is this possible? $ mplayer And kill it: $ kill -9 $terminal_pid And mplayer goes down with the ship. Are terminal emulators somehow cat (HowTos)