How can one provide colour to tab completion in tcsh?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – (Crossposted from StackOverflow.com) This question and the answer teach us how to introduce colour into tcsh prompts. This webpage explains nicely how to get colour into any output of the echo command: > echo \\e[1\;30mBLACK\\e[0m BLACK > echo '\e[1;30mBLACK\e[0m' BLACK The word 'BLACK' in the example above is printed with a black (or darkgrey) foreground colour (depending on the overall color scheme). Now I'd like to introduce this into the [TAB] command autocompletion feature of tcsh. I tried: complete testcmd 'p/*/`echo '"'"'\e[1;30mf834fef\e[0m'"'"'`/' And I get: > testc (HowTos)