How can I use my AP's DHCP server?

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http://serverfault.com – I have a Huwawei modem and a TP Link access point, I did the setup everything works, the TP Link is using the DHCP of the modem. The issue is that I want to use TP LINK as DHCP, not the Huwawei. In the network panel of TP Link, I set the type from DHCP to Static, I gave TP Link a static adress and enabled its DHCP server, then I disabled the DHCP server on Huwawei. The IP range on Hwawei DHCP server was 2 -> 64, and on TP Link is 100 -> 199. So when I connected the devices they got addresses starting from 100, which means they are using TP Link DHCP server. But now the problem is that I don' (HowTos)