How can I publish windows installer MSI packages?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, I am using the openSUSE build service to build a MS Windows installer package for the Evince Document Viewer (evince.msi) on the openSUSE build service, running the build commands from a .spec file. I have got this working quite well, but now, my problem is, where to put the resulting evince.msi file. Normally, the resulting binaries of a .spec file are put into rpm packages that are then published by the build service. Of course, I can put the evince.msi file into a rpm package as well and let the rpm package be published by the build service. But because MS Windows(-users) cannot handle rpm packages, this is not very usefull. I would like to publish msi files, not rpm files with msi files in it. Is this possible and/or can the build service be adopted to publish *.msi files resulting from a .spec file build? Kind regards, Hib Eris (Distributions)