How can I make gnuplot load files by right clicking in openbox?

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – I really can't help you with Rox, as I have never used it nor read the documentation.It would be simple to do as a bash script, especially if you have bash-completion installed.#!/bin/bash xr="set xrange [-10,10]" yr="set xrange [-10,10]" tsize="set term wxt size 11,11" plot1="plot \"$1\" using 1:2" plot2="plot \"$2\" using 1:2" gnuplot -p -e "$xr; $yr; $tsize; $plot1; $plot2"then just run the script (call it plot)$ ./plot a.dat b.dator put the script in your path$ plot a.dat b.dat rockin turtle htt (HowTos)