How can I boot Ubuntu on an iBook

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I have an iBook laptop computer My Family No. 2453 in good shape that I would like to put Ubuntu on. It does not have a DVD but does have a CD and a USB port. I have a Ubuntu disk with Netbook Remix which I copied to the thunb drive. I have tried to reset the bios to accept the USB port as the source for the boot, which I assumed is possible to do, with no luck. I have tried using Escape, Delete, Option, F8, and the Apple keys unsuccessfully, though with one, and I think it was the Option key that did stop the boot and brought up a new screen which did not appear to respond to anything except to go back to the OSX boot. If it isn't possible I will find some other way to amuse my self until the temperature gets back in to the high 50's and my shop becomes livable and find some place to dispose of the laptop. I am too old to be of much value to the forum as all of my programming experience was on an Apple II+ but I could afford two disk drives and a color monitor and wrote many of my own programs. A really remarkable invention. Now I rely on my son's to keep a PC running but they don't are not as attracted to the Linux world as I am. I now have the time, but unfortunately the years have begun to tell. When your hair gets white it is because the roots are having trouble finding nutrients and that isn't the only outward sign either, just the most obvious. (HowTos)