How can awk cut certain fields and add to the end of each line?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I would like to convert a list containing bunch of svn URLs of issues: cat list.txt //svn.server.address/repos/project/module1/branches/issue-001-name1 //svn.server.address/repos/project/module2/branches/issue-002-name2 //svn.server.address/repos/project/module3/branches/issue-003-name3 ... into newlist.txt that plus svn command and folder names to checkout them, like this: svn co //svn.server.address/repos/project/module1/branches/issue-001-name1 issue-001-module1 svn co //svn.server.address/repos/project/module2/branches/issue-002-name2 issue-002-module2 svn c (HowTos)