How to buy Nexus 4 (or whatever) from Google Play Store *Outside* US

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Ok, as I promised, here it is! A full and complete, auto-explanatory thread, that will give you all directions how to buy anything from Google Play Store, even if you'll not located on US :laugh!!! :laugh: First, a little common Q&A: 1 - Q: Is that that possible? A: Yes, not just possible but very usual and operative. 2 - Q: Is that easy? A: Double easy, just some steps. 3 - Q: Is that safe? A: Relativity, yes. Living is not safe at all. 4 - Q: Will I need to move to US? A: Of course not. Neither asking someone from there for buying that for you. 5 - Q: Does it need (HowTos)