How to boot my other os?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Last night, I installed openSUSE 11.1 and upgraded it to 11.2. When I restarted it, it wouldn't boot. So I tried to use the 11.1 live DVD that I started with to repair the fresh 11.2. Not knowing what I was doing, I tried to feel my through it anyway. The repair option analyzed the discs and detected partitions, looked for errors, and gave me repair suggesions and options, et al. Ultimately, none of it helped because (I guess) the live DVD (11.1) wasn't compatible with the os (11.2). Following my non-productive attempt to repair the non-booting 11.2 (gnome, by the way), I found myself unable to boot my other os, PCLinuxOS. Still can't. What to do? Isn't there some way to get it back on the MBR (or what)? Also, I'm a noob; please assume that I know nothing. Any help would be much appreciated.:P (Distributions)