How to associate valgrind with a running process?

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http://stackoverflow.com – I have a binary called "ifmFuseHandler" which is invoked by a shell-script something like this: su - $USER -c "cd $DIR_INDEX;valgrind --leak-check=full ifmFuseHandler $IFM_SINGLE_THREAD -o allow_other $IFM_MOUNT" But the problem is, i can see the valgrind logs only once, when the control hits this line of shell, and post that even though the ifmFuseHandler is up and running, valgrind does not provide any profiling info. So, as you can see below, but no further logging: insite1@POC-Messaging1:/opt/insiteone/log> ps -ef | grep ifmFuseHandler insite1 622 1 0 04:19 ? 00:0 (HowTos)