How to add a disk from a broken machine with snapshots to another machine in VMWare?

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http://serverfault.com – A guest on VMWare ESXi 4 is not booting anymore and I want to attach its disk to another machine. These are almost identical ubuntu 64 bit server instances. But the broken machine had snapshots, so vSphere ckient offers me to add from 2 vmdk files: redmine-alt-clon.vmdk 4GB redmine-alt-clon-000003.vmdk 257MB This is a screenshot of the situation on the harddrive: So is it fine to just add the first one that vsphee finds (redmine-alt-clon.vmdk) and I get the drive contents from yesterday? (This would mean the other small file with -000003 and the delta file contains the old state or (HowTos)