How to add admin users in 389 LDAP, fedora directory server

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http://serverfault.com – I want to create couple of Admin users who have access to create/delete users on a particular group/Organization Unit. For example, User: uid=testadmin, ou=people, dc=my,dc=net Should have access to create new users/delete users under ou=People,dc=my,dc=net I tried with below ACI but did not work (target = "ldap:///ou=People,dc=my,dc=net")(targetattr = "*") (version 3.0;acl "testadmin Permissions";allow (proxy)(userdn = "ldap:///uid=testadmin,ou=people,dc=my,dc=net");) I am able to add administrative users from the Directory Server console, but this user data is not stored in ldif f (HowTos)