House of cards built on sand? LVM / PV / PE Recovery?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – The standard filesystems (ext2, 3, 4) have a lot of redundancy built in (alternate superblocks) so even when the fs is damaged there is a good chance of recovery of data. Is there any equivalent redundancy built into LVM/PV/PE to permit recovery of files? I have a 1T disk with no bad sectors, one ext3 filesystem, one LV (Logical Volume), one PV (phyical volume) Originally, when created at install under Fedora 10 (accepting defaults) the partition map was deleted and the raw disk sectors of the entire disk were used as the PV. When I installed Fedora 11, either from just accepting defaults, or poor choices, the first part of the disk was replaced with a partition map, so the original UUID information was lost along with whatever other info LVM uses to map PV's. Now I have a 1TB disk, where the header information is gone, but 99.999% of the disk is stil uncorrupted and contains information I would like to recover. How can I recover (most of) the data, either by rebuilding the header information in place, copying to another 1TB disk, or other alternative? Any recommended tools? And no, I can't rebuild from backups. Any way to map and recover the files from Physical Extents (PE)? ---Thanks, Keith (HowTos)