Hosting 25 Websites at home on a 16Megabit upload/60Megabit Download with Dynamic IP Pros and Cons [closed]

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http://serverfault.com – Problem: I was hosted on dedicated server for about £500 a month, then I moved to colo for £200 a month and now I am finally moving the server from colo to my home internet. The servers with hosting companies are way underpowered for the prices. My servers constantly crashed due to high processing loads (not high bandwidth usage) and I have had enough of the bitter taste. Loss of earnings due to downtime: Atleast 2 hours per week * 4 weeks in a month = 8 hours per month ||||| 8hrs * £10 = £80 per month, so total server cost = £580 for dedicated server and £280 for (HowTos)