Horrible FPS on Minecraft

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I tried to play Minecraft (a Java game) on Ubuntu, and the FPS was horrible. (This was a total surprise; I'd expected Java to do much better on Linux. Same results, no matter which JRE I was using.) I was only getting around 2 FPS, even when the same machine got 24-ish FPS on Windows. (I'm running a dual-boot, by the way.) I have a decent graphics card, a Radeon HD 4350, and I run it at 1024X1280 on both OS's. My computer is 64-bit, but the guy that we got it from didn't know that, so it had a 32-bit Windows on it. This led us to believe that the computer was 32-bit for quite a while. Eventua (Hardware)