/home & /usr on same partition...?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – The title, of course, suggests a fundamentally flawed endevour. But do hear out my reasons. I'm uncomfortable with predicting what space on my hd will be used for. /usr, i know, is bound to be a big directory. So is /home, if i store movies and audacity projects. Right now, i have a / partition, and a /home partition, and each fills up independently. I've pulled my hair out trying to optimize the size of each of these partitions, and no matter what configuration i choose, the ideal scenario would this: a small partition for the OS essentials, ie, '/', and all the remaining space for /home AND /usr. This way, i won't be in a mess when my /home directory is full and /usr has Gigs of space free, or the other way around; i don't know which will happen first, if at all. Not partitioning at all is of course an option, but i wish to keep my /home intact if i do a fresh install... Can i create the mount point for /usr on one partition, and somehow get my /home directory on that partition (either BESIDE /usr, or under it)? I'm essentially messing with the directory tree, but moving /home around shouldn't be apocalypse, since (i guess)the files in there aren't touched by any system process... PS- I've found hints here: Moving usr home to another partition (second scenario) and here: Deletar the /var partition (near the end) The first one, of course, is more involved, and i'm not so confident with the command line (yet). I also don't mind installing the system afresh if need be, if that makes things easier... (Distributions)