Holding/pausing some code lines of an event procedure for executing another procedure

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http://www.daniweb.com – Dear Sir/Madam I have a program where I have used a small form as Input / Message Box in place of VB’s InputBox / MsgBox in a click event procedure i.e CmdSave_Click(). Though the code lines are executing in that procedure at a time, the global variable GblBox is not getting the value 1 for executing SaveRecord procedure, which is passing by the FrmMsgBox(a form)’s CmdOK button. So, can I hold/pause the code lines of Form1 from line no. 6 to 9 till passing the global variable’s value as like as InputBox. Or is there another way to solve. Please, help me to solve this problem. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Here are the Code lines Codes of Form1 1. Private sub CmdSave_click() 2. Form1.enabled = False 3. Load FrmMsgBox 4. FrmMsgBox.visible = True 5. FrmMsgBox.label1.caption=”Do you want to save the record?” 6. If GblMsg=1 then 7. Call SaveRecord 8. End if 9. End Sub 10. Private Sub Form_Load() 11. GblMsg=0 ‘It is a Global variable 12. End Sub Codes of FrmMsgBox 1. Private sub CmdOK_click() 2. GblMsg=1 3. End Sub 4. Private sub CmdCancel_click() 5. GblMsg=0 6. End Sub (General)