Hidden data beteen MBR and a first partition - What does it mean? Can someone help me

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, I have SATA Western Digital 120GB 5 yeras old hard drive. There are four primary partitions. In order FAT-32, JFS, EXT4 and the last SWAP. Yesterday I copied the third ext4 partition with Clonezilla. Everything was OK. But Clonezilla issued therey strange for me message (and upsetting): "Hidden data between MBR and first partition" It was about 32KB. Clonezilla copied this hidden part as well as MBR. Clonezilla sugested that these hidden data may be used for some technical reasons. Now my questions: 1. What does it mean hidden? I partitioned disk with GNU fdisk. 2. Where they may (HowTos)