Hibernation and OS switching

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello. Back in the dark days of FC4 -- which were a few months ago, for me *embarrassed cough* -- it was my practice to switch between Fedora and Windows by hibernating one, and resuming in the other, using the "suspend2" kernel mods to do this from Fedora. More recently I've installed Fedora 10. I was most pleased that hibernation now worked "out of the box", rather than depending on a kernel mod. OTOH, it seems with this method that if one hibernates from Fedora, on booting back up again the grub screen is bypassed, and Fedora is resumed automatically. So, what I'm wondering is: Can Fedora 10 be reconfigured to allow selection between different hibernated OSes in grub? Is there support for the above in Fedora 11 or 12? If this isn't supported with the built-in suspend at all, what are the "issues" with using suspend2 with recent Fedoras? Thanks in advance for any help, and excuse any newbie bludners in this post. Cheers, Alai. (HowTos)