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http://www.linuxforums.org – ...hello world. I'm currently overwhelmed with the number of message boards I use, lol and here I am joining this one, though I'd like to cut back and stick to just a select few boards. It looks like this might be a good choice to stick with. Anyway, a bit about my linux/unix experience... I started out on Slackware, loved it, used it for a year or so, then switched to OpenBSD, loved it, used it for a year or so, then switched to Ubuntu Studio for some easy music/audio software work, used it for a year or so, ;) and during all of that time I've used a mix of other *nix systems via multi-boots, including some Solaris, and a random handful of Linux systems. I've pretty much just used Ubuntu Studio for the past year, though am thinking about migrating to another *nix system for normal computer use while still using "Ubustu" for my studio/music work. So, that's me in a nutshell... "help, I'm stuck in a nutshell, this ginormous nutshell". o.O ...okay, well yeah. I guess it's not really me in a nutshell, perhaps my basic unix/linux experience. Okay, well I'm about to go post a question about my raid/lvm set-up over in whichever forum looks like the appropriate one. (I'm about to put a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio on here and I'd like to still use my current/old raid/lvm set-up. I'm hoping some basic "mdadm --assemble" and "vgchange -a y" type of stuff will do the trick post-new-OS-install.) later! :) (HowTos)