Help with Solaris 10 and ldapclient authentication

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http://www.unix.com – Hello everyone! Currently, i have a RHEL6 server, with openLDAP server running. Most of our servers run on Rhel platform, but some of them run in Solaris 10, and I need to make them authenticate with ldap too. As the ldap server is running without encryption, the command I used for initialize the ldap client in a test zone of a Solaris 10 server is this: HTML Code: bash-3.00# ldapclient -v manual -a defaultServerList=ldapserver.com -a defaultSearchBase=dc=example,dc=com And, if as ROOT i do id $ldap_username, I get the correct uid and gid of that ldap user. Also as root, i can do su $ (HowTos)