Help with Samba connecting to a windows 7 share.

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi everyone. I am sorta a noob with Linux. I have 3 computers. One running windows XP pro SP3. One running Windows 7 Ultimate and one running OpenSuse 11.2. I used to have suse 11.1 and samba worked perfectly fine. Both the windows 7 and XP boxes can browse each other on the network perfectly with no problems. In 11.2. I can browse the network and I see both the XP and Windows 7 boxes in the list. I can connect to my XP box and see all the shares on it. (I am prompted for a user name and password, I am not sure why, but I put in the credentials and I can connect) However from 11.2 I try to go to the windows 7 box and I am prompted for a username and password. I have typed it in correctly but won't let me in and it asks for a username and password again. I have tried a hundred different settings in windows 7 but still cannot get passed this username and password problems. I have disabled password protected sharing in windows 7. I have disabled the firewall. I am not sure what else to do. thanks (Distributions)