[HELP] Samba access problem.

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi everyone I have a RHEL 5 linux box running SAMBA. I want to create a fileshare on linux machine to all other machines. My client machines are Windows XP and Vista. I create an user account test on samba server using Webmin with default options. I didn't change anything. Just adding user name and password. I create a folder test on samba server. I change the ownership and file permission #chown -r test:test /test. #chmod 755 /test I use Share Level security only. My network is a simple workgroup, no more than 15 computers. In smb.conf [test] writeable = yes force user = test force group = test path = /test write list = test @test I wanna share this folder to some known users. not to public. if client s known this username/password, they can use it and change any contents otherwise deny to all. On XP machine, Start->Run>\\samba-server I see the folder name test in windows explorer. I double click the test folder icon, I see a windows security window that's asking for user name and password. I filled user named and password that I created on my samba server. But I cannot log in successfully. I can see all, but I cannot access. What's the problem. I cannot see any contents in that folder. How do I solved the problem. Help me please.... (HowTos)