Help require for vLookup Utility same as in EXCEL

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http://www.unix.com – Hi guys, can someone please help me with a vlookup utility in shell script that does the work similar to Excel. Ex: If File1.txt is 1 2 11 4 12 and File2.txt is 1 tab1 2 tab2 3 tab3 4 tab4 5 tab5 then the utility should create File3.txt with the below mentioned output: 1 tab1 2 tab2 11 4 tab4 12 the separator between columns will be tab(\t). Also, is it possible, if File1.txt and File2.txt has multiple columns then, the lookup should happen from Column 3 of File1.txt to Column 6 of File2.txt and return Column 9 in File3.txt Please help (HowTos)