Help renaming folder according to date

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have the folder "Backup yzT Jan-01-2013". I've made also a script for do a backup everyday. The problem I'm facing is how to rename the folder day by day according to date? Get the new name is easy, it's just "/home/yzT/Backup yzT `date '+%b-%d-%Y'`" However how can I select the folder "Backup yzT Jan-01-2013" exactly? Because every day it will be different. I've tried mv "/home/yzT/Backup yzT *" "/home/yzT/Backup yzT `date '+%b-%d-%Y'` hoping that the mv path works like a regular expression, but sadly, it doesn't. So how can I rename the folder? (HowTos)