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http://www.linuxforums.org – All right...so first let me say that I am completely new to Linux. Next let me say I have been trying to do this for two days now. Now let me tell you about me. I have an ancient computer which I have stripped down to its bare necessities, wiped the hard drive and installed damn small linux on. My final goal is to have the computer in a frame hanging on my wall, and able to watch videos via YouTube, Hulu, etc. or stream music via Pandora but that's it...So here are my problems 1) The WiFi card :mad: I'm trying to use an old U.S. Robotics WiFi card to access the internet.....I have downloaded the .exe from the U.S. Robotics website in accordance with its Linux installation instructions. I have also downloaded Linuxant Driverloader in both .deb and .tar.gz form (had no luck with either). So lets say I want to use the .tar.gz one because I read it is easier to use- I follow the instructions here: not allowed to post where....hope you can still help me... but the url might be 3 w's dot linuxant dot com slash driverloader slash wlan slash install dot php (with no spaces) under method C for the .tar and everything works fine until I get to step 3 where it says to run "make install" when I type this into the Terminal I get a "command not found" response.....I also get this response when I try method B with the .deb in step 1.....any suggestions???? 2) Flash player I haven't really played around with this one as much as the other but when I download Flash for Linux as a .deb...I get the same response "command not found" when I try to extract... Thanks sooo much for any responses...and please respond soon as I would LOVE to have this done by Christmas..... Sorry if I'm making some stupid mistake but I promise I've looked EVERYWHERE for the answer....Thanks (HowTos)