Help With MultiCD

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – This is where I'm stuck at. If you know what to do now will you let me know? TAPITSFIMM-maya multicd # chmod +x multicd.sh TAPITSFIMM-maya multicd # ./multicd.sh multicd.sh 7.1 Extracting ISO images with mount; will build multicd.iso; UID 0. AntiX Austrumi Caine Feather Finnix Fusion Linux GParted Live Parted Magic emtest86+ Continuing in 2 seconds - press Ctrl+C to cancel Copying files for each plugin... Copying AntiX... cp: reading `/home/jahaic/multicd/temporary-mountpoints/antix/antiX/linuxfs': Input/output error cp: failed to extend `/home/jahaic/multicd/multicd-working/antiX/linuxfs': (HowTos)