Help with ksh script to list files, cp it to another UNIX server

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http://www.unix.com – Hi, I'm quite new to ksh scripting, can someone help me with this. Requirements: I need to create a script that list the files from a user input date range. e. g. format of file: *c1*log.2012-12-22-14-00* *c1*log.2012-12-22-14-00* *c1*log.2012-12-22-14-00* *c1*log.2012-12-22-14-00* *c1*log.2012-12-22-14-00* *c1*log.2012-12-22-14-00* *c1*log.2012-12-22-15-00* , then copy the files to another server through ssh or sftp. 1. user input the date range of files to search 2. Search the files in live_dir and archive_dir ; inside the archive , are subdirectories in format of 2012-Dec-18 (HowTos)