Help: Dolphin accesing windows NTFS Partitions without root password

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – First, Thank you for looking a my problem. I have just moved from Fedora 11 to Fedora 12 and am having an issue with the places sidebar in Dolphin(KDE). When I or any user clicks on any of the NTFS partitions listed in the places sidebar they are mounted without Dolphin asking for the root password, which it used to do in Fedora 11. This means any user can access my NTFS partitions even if they don't have the root password, is there any way to disable access to these windows partitions from Dolphin so that standard users can not access them without being prompted for the root password? Please keep any answers as simple as possible as I don't have much experience of Linux yet. Thank you for looking. (HowTos)