Help with Dell Inspiron Mini and Ubuntu Wireless

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http://www.linuxforums.org – My kids received a Dell Inspiron Mini for Christmas. They love it, but Windows is a horrible OS for a child to navigate - and deal with constant pop-up messages and errors. I am a Mac person, but figured Linux would make their lives easier, so I installed the Ubuntu Netbook Remix on their machines. Everything works fine, except the wireless connections. No matter what I try, I cannot get their machines to detect our home network (which they did fine under the Windows OS) - or even seem to know it has the Broadcom card/wireless ability. I am a Linux novice, so self-help is just not an option, and sending me to a terminal with "just follow this website..." also is not helpful, as even the slightest variation in what a site shows and what I see on these machines - well I simply lack the Linux know-how to make the leaps of self correction. I just want a machine that does not aggravate my kids, and I would like some help in getting this one feature to work. Can anyone please talk me through this? Much thanks! (HowTos)